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International Saimoe League 2008 Champion

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Final Rankings

R1 - Final weighted ranking based on points, strength of opponents, and head-to-head matchups
R2 - Pre-weighted ranking at the end of the double-elimination tournament
R3 - Weighted ranking based on strength of opponents
R4 - Weighted ranking based on points and vote differential (see standings)

Full Bracket

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2008 Regular Season Archives

Aquamarine     Topaz     Amethyst     Sapphire     Emerald     Ruby     Diamond     Tiara

The following address ranges risk permanent ban if rules violations continue:

58.77.xxx.xxx - Seoul, Korea
61.18.xxx.xxx - Central District, Hong Kong
64.66.xxx.xxx - Stanford, California, USA
67.159.xxx.xxx - Woodstock, Illinois, USA
67.229.xxx.xxx - New York, New York, USA
72.246.xxx.xxx - Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
83.200.xxx.xxx - Rossie-en-brie, France
86.212.xxx.xxx - Fontenay-tresigny, France
90.3.xxx.xxx - Melun, France
98.126.xxx.xxx - Orange, California, USA
116.19.xxx.xxx - Beijing, China
119.25.xxx.xxx - Guangzhou, China
122.244.xxx.xxx - Ningbo, China
129.67.xxx.xxx - Oxford, England, UK
196.203.xxx.xxx - Tunisia
200.226.xxx.xxx - Brazil
201.11.xxx.xxx - Brazil
201.223.xxx.xxx - Iquique, Chile
201.233.xxx.xxx - Antioquia, Colombia
203.151.xxx.xxx - Thailand
210.192.xxx.xxx - Beijing, China
211.136.xxx.xxx - Guangzhou, China
218.1.xxx.xxx - Beijing, China
220.255.xxx.xxx - Singapore, Singapore
222.35.xxx.xxx - Beijing, China
222.182.xxx.xxx - Chongqing, China

Bans of address ranges spanning through the second subnet will be listed here.
Individual bans or single-subnet bans will not be listed for purposes of privacy and damage control.
When an individual address or subnet is banned, its parent subnet is placed on probation above.

No major ranges of IP addresses are currently banned.

If you are unable to vote but believe that you should be able to vote, please contact the administrator at [email protected]

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