Greetings, and welcome to the International Saimoe League.

It was but only a fateful morning that pieces of seven powerful crystals were found by one young girl whose father had a talent for making tiaras. After learning how to create one, this young girl created the most beautiful tiara that emblazoned the seven elements of the world. However, unbeknownst to her, when these seven crystals form together, they reveal the eighth and most valuable element only to those worthy of wearing it, and she was not worthy. So she sought out the perfect girl, and she learned about a worldly phenomenon called Saimoe.

For the past few years, a simple popularity contest between female anime characters rose to become a phenomenon within the anime community. Otaku gather from around the world to vote for their favorite anime girls in the Saimoe Japan contest, and overtime, the contest grew so much that countries worldwide have begun to start their own Saimoe tournaments.

However, the single elimination tournaments that have made Saimoe ever so popular sometimes result in huge matchups in the early rounds, leaving some contestants walking home with a missed opportunity. Although the random pairings were the only way to determine who goes against whom, questions and speculations arise on whether a girl would have fared a better result had parings been different. Even so, a selected few have passed the challenge of single elimination and emerged victorious.

This young girl believed, however, that the most valuable and most mysterious tiara could not be worn by one who has only bested eight, so with the help of friends from around the world, she and her fiancé began a new contest.

This year, the best contestants of Saimoe history will face a new test. With Saimoe becoming a truly international event, we have started an international league. Contestants who have proven themselves to be the best in the world via a top 16 finish in Japan and Korea’s high-international profile tournaments will come here and do battle within a 64 x 64 league. Yes, girls will face each other at least once and prove that they are more moe than each and every girl within the same island. At the end of the “regular season”, the 16 girls with the best records will be appropriately seeded and face each other in a double-elimination tournament.

However, this cannot be truly an International Saimoe League without international support from everyone out there in the world.

As this is the first year we are running this International League, with a short-handed personnel, we are only able to run this website in one language: English, one of the most commonly-used languages on the Internet. However, we have endeavoured to make this event accessible to all countries despite the language barrier, so we encourage your participation.

During selected days of the week from preset times, there will be 32 matches per day. Simply put, you can only vote once per day. Any cases of multi-voting may result in a ban from the voting website, but you will still be able to visit the main website. The voting page, like many others, is in English, but we have been able to include images of each contestant accompanying their English name. If you have trouble, match the letters of each image with the letters below the image.

To visit the voting page, click “Click here to vote” on the main page. Alternatively, type in

If you wish not to vote in a particular match, check “Abstain from vote”. By doing so, you are abstaining from voting in that particular match. There is nothing wrong with not voting in a particular match. However, please vote carefully, as once you place your vote, a cookie will prevent you from voting for 24 hours, and by then, the match will be over.

Currently, matches are pre-scheduled to take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 0000 GMT to 2400 GMT. However, this is not a set time, as all match dates and match times are subject to change. If you wish to play it safe and participate without hesitation, we suggest that you vote at around 0300 GMT to 2400 GMT, as matches are usually postponed to 0200 GMT at the most, if at all. As an alternative, dates and times for upcoming matches within seven days are posted on the main website. They are posted in English, but the dates are clear at first glance, and you should be able to be prepared for each match.

Once again, I sincerely ask that you participate in this event, even if you do not speak English. This is an International league, so it must have international participation. For those of you who are bilingual and are willing to help run this league, please do not hesitate to use the contact form, as I am always looking for help to run this league, since I cannot do this alone. Please do your best, hope your girls will win, and stick around until we have our first international league winner.