It has been six months since sixty-four have been chosen to go on an expedition like no other. Candidates chosen from various Saimoe tournaments have been called to begin a search based on a legend only one has ever heard of. Called to search for the seven elemental necklaces and unlock the secret behind them. After twenty-one weeks of searching, the seven necklaces were found, and they contained powers that none have ever seen. The sun, moon, and the five chinese elements were revealed by their respective necklace holders, and a revelation had been experienced that would change their lives. However, one element remained missing - what was to happen when they came together. On that day the Diamond Necklace was found and its secrets unlocked by Haruhi Suzumiya, nothing happened when they came together. Despite the fact that the seven necklaces contained a power that has never been brought to civilization, the expedition was deemed a failure by its organizer, and the candidates chosen were left returning to Saimoe Japan or Korea Best Moe, wondering why he called them to take part in this expedition in the first place.

Roughly a week later, Hinagiku Katsura had been doing research on the literature of Nostradamus when she stumbled onto a torn out page hidden within its contents. The torn page contained two stanzas, most likely from a diary from the sixteenth century, and contained the following.

"Seven lights will center the continents,
and a illuminating crown will fill the night sky.
Sixteen stars will encircle the world,
to prevent the future from its inevitable fate.

Their hearts and motives are revealed to the population
and one by one they extend their hand.
On the great seventh number, a queen will rise,
and cause its realm to hold in peace and union."

Then, she remembered what she did. The next day, she called her friend Nagi Sanzen'in, who had the contact information of every candidate who had taken part in the expedition, and while some, Nagi included, took it as a prophecy that would probably never happen, a handful of the others interpreted it as the secret that the organizer had hidden within himself, and wondered what will happen, or more or less, if they would be the stars that encircled the world. News spread rapidly, and by then, historians took the missing page and started their own analysis. By then, sixteen disappeared.

Now, this prophecy, whether or not it was written by Nostradamus, has taken its action. The sixteen stars have encircled the world, and they have come together to battle for a throne only one knew existed. The tiara of the heavens has finally been revealed, and sixteen were chosen to take to the skies and fight for the privilege to take it. For the next forty days, the world will be enthroned by light, and the stars will gather in various concentrated areas of population, where each of their own secrets will be revealed. And it will be up to the world to decide.

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