Double Elimination Standings

Two (2) points were awarded for wins in the losers' bracket.
Three (3) points were awarded for all other wins.
Ties were broken by vote differential (VD).

Regular Season Standings

There are two different standings: The first will be the overall standings, which contains the cumulative records of all of our contestants since the very beginning of this contest.  The standings below the overall standings will contain the records within a Necklace period.

PTS (T0) - ISML Points.  Tiebreaker Zero, i.e. the standard in which the girls will receive their ranking.
W (T1) - Wins (Tiebreaker 1).  A win equals 2 points.
L - Total number of Losses, including overtime losses. Non-overtime Losses equal no points.
OTL - Overtime Losses. In the event of a tie, a loss in an overtime match will equal 1 point.
*Tiebreaker 2 is the winner in a head-to-head matchup*
VD (T3) - Vote Differential (Tiebreaker 3), i.e. the difference between total votes for and total votes against.
VF (T4) - Total Votes For (Tiebreaker 4), in other words total votes accumulated by contestant.
VA - Total Votes Against, i.e. total votes accumulated by contestant's opponents.
WIN % - Win percentage.
PB - Points behind first place.

Red - candidate is no longer able to achieve Top 16 and qualification for the double-elimination tournament.
Gray - candidate is no longer eligible for the .500 qualification (63 league points).
Bold - candidate has clinched a spot in the double-elimination tournament