Name: Yurie Hitotsubashi
Title Series: Kamichu! - Teenage Goddess
Voice Actor: Mako Sakurai
Eligibility: 15th ('06 Japan)

Biography - Cytrus
Schedule - KholdStare88
Image - Ichigo-Sora

It’s a lunch break like any other. The sun is shining cheerfully, a slight wind blows by every now and then. And it’s hard for a petite and shy middle-school student to confess she’s become a god. It’s a day like any other. And it’s hard for Yurie, even if she is a god, to confess her love.

Being inexplicably turned into a Shinto god one day, Yurie Hitotsubashi has to take on a huge load of new responsibilities. It wouldn’t even be that bad if attending deity meetings exempted her from her school duties, if the Japanese government didn’t want her to perform odd-jobs for them, or if that handsome lad from her class paid her more attention because of it...

Yurie tries to balance two lives at once, all the while retaining her modest and timid nature, as she seeks to find out what kind of god she is exactly. The task won’t be easy – one of her colleagues is a VHS god, and he’s not the weirdest one. But at least she gains new friends along the way and learns more about the secrets of this world, slowly growing the strength to take her personal matters into her own hands. Godly powers can do a lot, but they can’t do everything.

Still, should you encounter a young girl practicing her KA-MI-CHUs, do remember to ask her for a lucky charm or two.

2008 Regular Season Schedule