Name: Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière
Title Series: Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero)
Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya
Eligibility: 9th ('07 Japan), 16th ('07 Korea)

Biography - Psieye
Schedule - KholdStare88
Image - Fynal Fyre

She is known as Louise the Zero, so nicknamed for having no talent with magic despite being a noble. In this magic world, all mages are nobles yet the best Louise can do is cause explosions. Actually, she's gotten so good at this that when the situation could be solved with explosive force, she doesn't hesitate to wave her wand. But in lessons, this is a humiliating trait which has driven her to have a fierce Tsun personality bred from an inferiority complex. Said complex extends to her bust as well. And to her great chagrin, instead of summoning a magnificent/useful creature like her classmates for her familiar, she gets a peasant. Actually, said 'peasant' is Saito from Japan, dragged from the other world, but he's human and can't use magic so is a 'commoner' to the nobles. Since Familiars are essentially unintelligent (relative to humans) pets, she treats Saito in the same way initially. In fact, it really puzzled her that her Familiar is sentient and can talk back - never mind that he's insolent and hot blooded.

As the story progressed, she discovered that her element of affinity (most mages start learning with Earth, Fire, Water, Air according to their affinity) is the legendary 5th one: Void, and her familiar is of an equally rare class. Louise gradually learns to treat Saito as a human and potentially a lover, although her ingrown temper and Saito's general lechery makes her bring out the horse whip - she has been walked in on when it looked suspiciously like she was having S&M with Saito. Queen Henrietta (her childhood friend) orders Louise to keep her Void abilities a secret since she could be vital to winning the war that is brewing. Louise obeys as she finally gets to be useful and earn honor as a noble - she is willing to die for Henrietta as any noble aspires to. But keeping her magic a secret is stressful for a girl who's been wanting to prove herself over her mountain of past failures, especially when her family thinks she should just get married with some noble and settle down if she can't be of any use to the Queen.

Deep down, she does love Saito but her inferiority complex and Saito's lack of social status present formidable obstacles. Perhaps the greatest obstacle is that she puts her Loyalty to the Queen above love.

2008 Regular Season Schedule