Name: Konomi Yuzuhara
Title Series: ToHeart2
Voice Actor: Yurika Ochiai
Eligibility: 14th ('06 Korea)

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Image - Mushi

Konomi is a cute first year in high school, just recently graduated from junior high at the beginning of the series. She is usually very cheerful and friendly, often smiling and laughing. Having been with Takaki (main character) from childhood, he is very close to him. In fact, he picks her up to go to school every morning, and they both enjoy a sibling-like relationship. Takaki often complements her and her cooking, which often makes her try harder to please him. She always try to help Takaki when she can and is very confident, never giving up hope.

Throughout the series, Konomi does not seem to show any apparent romantic interest in Takaki despite being the main heroine. Sometimes she would blush when talking to him or about him, but it's not sure whether or not she considers Takaki more than a sibling; maybe she's not sure herself. She sees Tamaki as an older sister, and does not show any signs of jealousy towards her. As springtime comes and goes, Konomi struggles to figure out her true feelings. Will she realize them?

2008 Regular Season Schedule