Name: Konata Izumi
Title Series: Lucky Star
Voice Actor: Aya Hirano
Eligibility: 7th ('07 Japan)

Biography - Psieye
Schedule - KholdStare88
Image - qtipbrit92

Densetsu Shoujo (Legendary Girl) A! She is a supreme Otaku in several fields including MMORPGs, 2ch, anime, manga, figurines, doujins, H-games, video games of all genres and Comiket. This extremely packed lifestyle all gets balanced with doing housework (mother is deceased) and of course, taking care of her cousin. Somehow, Konata has decent skin/looks (though rather under-developed) and an excellent sports sense (the type to do well at sports without needing to practice). Her hobbies include sharing her H-material with her dad (who is the reason why she's an ultra Otaku - the way she was brought up) and working part-time at a Cosplay Cafe (and she goes out with her co-workers sometimes). She plays a Warrior in an MMORPG where she's established in a large guild (read: lots of raiding) and her homeroom teacher is a Mage (they party together frequently). On top of all this, Konata finds time to hang out with RL friends every now and then. Her hardcore night-before cramming strategy yields annoyingly good results in tests which often times annoy Kagami, one of her best friends. In short: Zen time and health management.

Often times, she knowingly says stupid things just to stir up a reaction, (i.e. she plays the boke role). Her dad is so awesomely boke though, that she is forced to tsukomi (smack him down with logic and common sense) on these rare scenes. She is easy-going at school, politely militaristic when it comes to Comiket (she cruises down the aisles, buying and loading up as if she was doing a live drill in a military mech) and loves to take every opportunity to tease Kagami. You will never see her blush - a hardened Internet Warrior who also has competent RL social skills.

Among the staff of Animate, she is Densetsu Shoujo A. Legend has it that any doujin circle she buys from in Comiket suddenly gets a boon and that she will buy double copies of everything her money can afford (one for usage, one for preservation). Staff members (lead by the hot-blooded Anime Tenchou, an actual mascot character of RL Animate) go to ninja-soldier levels of superhuman efforts to sell something to her and getting blown up each time Konata eludes them. Is Konata purposefully doing this? Who knows~

2008 Regular Season Schedule