Name: Hanyuu Furude
Title Series: When They Cry - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Voice Actor: Yui Horie
Eligibility: Open Nomination Slot #9

Biography - Psieye
Schedule - KholdStare88
Image - kamo

Hanyuu Furude – if the last name of a family all but gone from this world wasn’t alarming enough, Hanyuu enters Hinamizawa as a transfer student with a dubious background and connections. At best, she seems to be an unexpected latecomer to the well-established world of Hinamizawa, but is that really the truth behind her?

Yes, those horns she has are real, and Rena doesn’t take kindly to people questioning that “appeal item”. Hanyuu has known Rika for a very long time. She likes cream puffs and can't handle spicy food at all - a weakness often exploited by Rika. She cares deeply for Rika and her friends, often valuing their well-being over her own and wishing dearly to become part of the group. At first she had low self-confidence and an air of helplessness, though she has it within her to be fierce and steadfast. When Mion jokingly questions her resolve, Hanyuu firmly declares she will no longer run away from challenges in her life, because that’s what people she loves taught her, to the surprise of all club members and Rika’s delight. Hanyuu’s trademark phrase is "Auauu~". She turns on Rena's Kaaii~ mode so hard, no restraints can prevent her from being Taken Home.

Hanyuu would never hurt a fly, and yet she is guilt-ridden, often seen whispering “forgive me” over and over. How great a burden does she carry on her shoulders? With time, everything is revealed.

2008 Regular Season Schedule