Name: Fuko Ibuki
Title Series: Clannad
Voice Actor: Ai Nonaka
Eligibility: Open Nomination Slot #10

Biography - Psieye
Schedule - KholdStare88
Image - Fynal Fyre

And here we have a semi-professional carving of a star...

“Starfish!” interjects Fuko Ibuki, not long before entering a blissful trance of oblivion just from looking at the object.

A hardcore starfish fanatic, young and very gullible, Fuko’s acquaintanceships are mostly thanks to her being a tease-magnet. In her relationships, she gives the impression of a small animal - scared at first but eventually tamed.

As much as she loves them, those starfish carvings she's endlessly making aren't for herself. Fuko’s older sister, who was a teacher at Fuko’s current school three years ago, is getting married soon. Fuko wants as many students to show up at her wedding as possible, and so she's giving away these sculptures as gifts while orally delivering invitations. Doing her best no matter what, Fuko soon gains friends and helpers in her quest, even getting a rabid fanclub of her own. Yet as we learn more about her, she appears to be getting harder to discern... Just who is she?

2008 Regular Season Schedule